About us

Company Intro.

“Fonen and Fonher Enterprise Co., Ltd.” is a food production business based in Tainan, Taiwan. The predecessor was Fonen Industrial Co., Ltd., main business was bulk materials trading and animal feed. In 1984, Fonen started investing in fructose and glucose production. In 1990, Fonen founded the subsidiary “Fonher Enterprise Co., Ltd.”, mainly produced frucsose, corn oil, corn starch, and other by-products. Was the first company in Taiwan to have a one-stop corn refining plant.

In 1998, due to the fact that both company are upstream and downstream relation, the merger of the two company can created better economical value, Fonen and Fonher started to merge and became “Fonen and Fonher Enterprise Co., Ltd.”. After merger, FNFH became the largest fructose manufacturer in Taiwan, the market share was over 50%. The main customers are large beverage companies like Coca-cola, HeySong, KuangChuan, Vedan, etc. Small packages of fructose had a much bigger market share in supermarkets and handmade drinks market. The slogan “Fong Leng Fructose is good quality sugar” were and still known to consumers. In Taiwan, Fong Leng Fructose was the synonym of corn syrup.

Our Vision

Fonen and Fonher has the professional mindset in production and research, step by step renew equipments and expand production scale, full hearted in better quality for our products. We obtain ISO22000, FSSC22000 international certification and FACS, HACCP, HALAL, TQF nationwide certification. Moreover, we are recognized by Coca-cola and PepsiCo. as the certified supplier.

Our vision is to not settle with what we have, and seek for even better. We want to provide better, hygiene, and safer products to consumers. Service and provide our customers the most wanted products.